DHG-9140A blast drying oven

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DHG-9140A blast drying oven product introduction:

DHG-9140A blast drying oven adopts electric heating method for blast circulation drying test. The blast drying box blows hot air through circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance inside the box. The blast drying box is mainly divided into the structure and temperature control range of the box. According to the structure of the box, we can divide the blast drying box into a desktop blast drying box and a vertical blast drying box; according to the temperature, we can divide the blast drying box into electric heating blast drying box and high temperature. Blast drying oven. As one of the most common drying equipment, blast drying oven is widely used in industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, medical and health research institutes for drying, baking, melting wax, sterilization and curing.
DHG-9140A blast drying oven Product details:
DHG-9140A blast drying oven
DHG-9140A blast drying oven product details
1. Product shell: The exterior of the product is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is non-painted. High temperature resistance, fine workmanship, and the anti-corrosion performance of the whole machine is better than that of painting, which prolongs the service life of the machine.
2, Ventilation holes and vents: venting holes at the top, all open diameter is 3CM, the side is designed with a row of cooling holes to effectively cool down, protect internal components.
3, Double-layer door structure: humanized design, double-layer tempered glass door, two layers inside and outside, beautiful and generous, the sealing of the glass door is better than the sealing of the metal door.
4, Liner and safety: The inner tank is designed for multiple gears, and the stencil spacing can be adjusted flexibly. The stencil is thick and has a heavy load. The bottom drip-proof and fireproof design improves operational safety.
5, Sealing and heat preservation: In addition to the double-glazed door structure, the door is made of high-temperature resistant silicone sealing ring, and the in-box insulation material is made of internationally popular glass fiber and aluminum silicate fiber cotton. The entire cabinet is sealed and insulated for optimum performance.
6, Temperature control system: intelligent micro-computer instrument temperature control, precise temperature control, with temperature calibration, timing and alarm functions. The power can be adjusted according to the temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption.
7, More air outlet: There are 3 air outlets in the box, the breeze circulation, the temperature uniformity in the box is much improved.
8. Super strong wind blade: Centrifugal super large wind blade is built in the lower left of the inner tank, and the air volume diffusion is better than that of the ordinary electric fan blade.
9. All-copper motor: all-copper fully enclosed three-proof motor, solid workmanship, high temperature and quiet, can work continuously for a long time. Large fuse, not easy to burn out, safe to operate.
10, Heating system: high quality stainless steel electric heating tube, non-electric heating wire, uniform heating and long service life.
11, Door handles and hinges: New lockable door handles and stainless steel reinforced hinges that are not easy to loosen.

DHG-9140A blast drying oven Features:
DHG-9140A blast drying oven product details
1,The oven body of inside adopts mirror stainless steel (or wire drawing board)argon arc-welding,shell adopts high quality steel,attractive appearance,novelty.
2,Adopt micro-computer temperature controller with temperature control protection,digital display ,timing function,temperature control precise and reliable.
3,Heated air circulation system consist of air blower and suitable air flue,continuous operation at high temperatures,improve temperature uniformity.
4,Independent temperature limit warning system,exceeding the limit temperature shall be automatically interrupted,ensure the experiments operation safety.
5. Have RS4B5 interface can connect the recorder and computer, can record the change of temperature and humidity parameters. (optional)
DHG-9140A blast drying oven optional accessories

1) Programmable liquid crystal controller, which can realize adjustable heating rate and adjustable holding time.
2) Independent temperature limit controller, which can cut off the heating immediately after the main controller fails and the temperature rises too high.
3) Paperless recorder, which can display monochrome curve, bar graph, number, mix, recall, alarm, etc. for device temperature, display, store, print, manage, analyze, USB interface, recording interval: 1 second ---1 points, storage space: long records can be more than half a year. As a replacement for ordinary paper recorders.
4) With RS-485 interface, it can be connected to computer and recorder to realize real-time monitoring work status.
5) Temperature test hole, can realize different test lines or instruments inserted into the equipment working room for various tests. The test hole diameter is φ25, φ50, φ80.
6) Carrier bracket, the standard configuration of the equipment is 2 carrier brackets, customers can add the number of brackets according to specific requirements.


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DHG-9140A blast drying oven product parameters

Q:How to extend the service life of the blast drying oven?

A:The blast drying oven is suitable for drying, baking, melting wax, sterilization and curing in labor and mining enterprise laboratories, medical and health research institutes. Drying ovens are a common instrument used to dry samples and provide the temperature environment required for the experiment. In order to make the blast drying oven better performance, and to extend the use of the equipment. To this end, for the majority of users carefully drafted a "drum drying oven to extend the life skills of small tips", as follows:
First, the requirements of the installation environment:
1. The installation environment is preferably a dry, ventilated and clean working environment. A good working environment is an important factor in prolonging the service life of the test equipment;
2, do not have to use other fixed devices, the ambient temperature is generally not more than 400 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 85%;
3. The wiring must be correct and must be grounded. Failure to ground may result in electric shock, malfunction, abnormal display or large errors in measurement, thus affecting the accuracy of the test results;
Second, matters needing attention and requirements when using:
1. This equipment has no over-temperature protection device. When working, there should be a special person to monitor the temperature inside the box. Once the temperature fails, it should be powered off immediately to avoid accidents;
2. The larger average load of the sample shelf is 15 kg. Do not place the articles too heavy or too dense. Be sure to leave a gap. At the same time, the specimen cannot be placed on the working plate (heat sink).
3. This box is a non-explosion-proof drying box. Do not put flammable or volatile items into the drying box; Note: When the user purchases the blast drying oven, it is not immediately put into trial. And you must carefully read the product manual to learn, understand, disassemble and other safe operation knowledge, and then use.

Q:How many types of liners are commonly used in drying ovens?

A:The choice of the inner tank of the drying box: there are two options, one is galvanized sheet, and the other is mirror stainless steel. The galvanized sheet is easy to rust during long-term use, which is not conducive to maintenance; the mirror stainless steel has a neat appearance, is easy to maintain, and has a long service life. It is a high-grade liner material on the market, but the price is slightly higher than that of the galvanized sheet. The sample rack of the liner is generally two layers and can be added according to customer requirements. Since the quality of the sample holder is made of stainless steel, and the increased shelf is not conducive to the circulation of the internal hot air, and the quality requirements of the fan are increased, the cost per additional shelf is between three hundred yuan.