Vertical circulating water vacuum pump

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Vertical Circulating Water Vacuum Pump Introduction

The circulating water vacuum pump is based on the multi-purpose vacuum pump for circulating water. According to the small laboratory area, the volume is reduced, and the transparent anti-corrosion water tank, anti-corrosion shell and stainless steel casing are improved.It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance. It has four meters and four heads and is equipped with ice holes.
Vertical circulating water vacuum pump details
Vertical circulating water vacuum pump features:

(1) Double taps for single or parallel use with two vacuum gauges.
(2) The main machine is made of stainless steel movement and anti-corrosion material.
(3) Corrosion-resistant, non-polluting, low noise, easy to move, vacuum valve can be installed according to user needs.
Vertical circulating water vacuum pump details:
Vertical circulating water vacuum pump details
How to use the vertical circulating water vacuum pump:

1. Prepare for work. Put the circulating water on the workbench with a vacuum pump. When using it for the first time, open the top cover of the tank and inject clean cold water (you can also add water through the drain hose). When the water surface is about to rise to the height below the overflow nozzle behind the tank, stop adding water. Repeat the boot to add no water. Replace the water at least once a week. If the water pollution is serious and the usage rate is high, the time for replacing the water must be shortened to keep the water in the water tank clean.
2. Vacuuming work. The suction sleeve of the equipment that needs to be vacuumed is tightly sleeved on the suction nozzle of the machine, the circulation switch is turned off, the power is turned on, the power switch is turned on, the vacuum operation is started, and the vacuum gauge corresponding to the suction nozzle is passed. The degree of vacuum can be observed.
3. When the circulating water uses a vacuum pump for continuous operation for a long time, the water temperature in the water tank will increase, affecting the degree of vacuum. At this time, the drain hose and the water source (tap water) can be connected, and the overflow nozzle is used as a drain outlet. By controlling the tap water flow, the water temperature in the water tank can be kept not raised, and the vacuum degree is stabilized.
4. When it is necessary to provide cooling circulating water for the reaction device, on the basis of the operation of the third step above, the water inlet and outlet pipes of the device to be cooled are respectively connected to the circulating water outlet and the water inlet at the back of the machine. Turn the circulating water switch to the ON position to realize the circulating cooling water supply.
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Parameters of vertical circulating water vacuum pump

Q:If the water temperature in the water tank of the circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump is too high for a long time, will it affect the pump and will it be dangerous?

A:If the water temperature is too high, a large amount of vaporization will occur in the pump body, which will reduce the efficiency of the multi-purpose vacuum pump for circulating water, and the vacuum will not fall. So the water temperature must be controlled. However, in general, as long as the ambient temperature does not exceed the working environment requirements of the pump and there is no shortage of water, there will be no problems, and it is calculated when manufacturing. Don't worry, check the product manual.

Q:Most of the newly purchased circulating water uses a vacuum pump. After a long time, there are always many yellow oils on the inner wall of the water tank. I wonder what happened?

A:A. The gas you pump is oily, and it is mixed with water in the suction pump.
B. It ’s caused by gas. If there is no problem, use it with confidence.
C, has nothing to do with the water ring pump, and has to do with the pumped medium.