F-30L single ayer glass reactor

The F-30 single-layer glass reactor can be subjected to vacuum stirring reaction, distillation concentration reaction, heat generation (exothermic reaction), etc.

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F-30L single layer glass reactor product introduction:

F-30 single-layer glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor. It can react various solvents under constant temperature conditions, continuously inhale various liquids or gases by negative pressure, and accelerate the reflux of reaction materials in different temperature zones by stirring. Distillation. The heating can be directly controlled by the built-in heating pipe in the bath, or the hot medium or the refrigerant can be injected through the built-in coil of the bath to heat or cool the material in the reactor, and the vacuum stirring reaction, the distillation concentration reaction, and the heating (exothermic) reaction can be performed. Etc., to meet the needs of multi-functional experimental production.

F-30L single layer glass reactor product details:
F-30L single ayer glass reactor|glass reactor made in china

F-30L single ayer glass reactor|glass reactor made in china

Main functions of F-30L single-layer glass reactor:

1. It adopts GG17 borosilicate glass material and has excellent physical and chemical properties.
2. The experiment can be carried out under normal temperature and high temperature reaction conditions.
3. It can be used under normal pressure and negative pressure test conditions, and the negative pressure can reach -0.098 MPa in static state.
4. The digital display shows the stirring speed, the large torque booster motor, the variable frequency constant speed stirring system, and the work is stable.
5. The PTFE stirring slurry (stirring blade), the sealing between the stirring shaft and the reaction kettle is made of special materials.
6. Anti-corrosion large discharge valve with no dead space design, can put solid and liquid.
7. The refrigeration or heating solution of the glass interlayer of the multi-function reaction kettle can be completely eliminated after the reaction is completed, and no liquid is accumulated.
8. The overall structure is scientific, novel, practical and beautiful.

F-30L single layer glass reactor features

F-30L single-layer glass reactor can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The reaction part of the instrument is a steerable and fully sealed structure. It can continuously inhale various liquids and gases by negative pressure, or at different temperatures. Do reflux or distillation.
1. Distillation and reflux can be carried out simultaneously
2, special long-term stirring seal
3, the material is in contact with GG17 glass and PTFE, no cross-contamination
4, digital display speed and high and low temperature display, easy to operate
5, large cleaning port, easy to clean
6, large discharge valve, can put solid, liquid
7, intelligent (oil, water bath heat or electric heating)


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F series single-layer glass reactors are available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, and can be customized to meet special requirements. F series single-layer reactor (can) can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The reaction part of the instrument is a steerable and fully sealed structure. It can continuously inhale various liquids and gases by negative pressure, or can be made at different temperatures. Reflux or distillation.
F series single layer glass reactor parameters

Q:How to install a glass reactor?

A:(Only for reactors below 5L, more than 5L are equipped with special personnel)
1 After unpacking, check that the main accessories of the unit are complete according to the packing list.
2. Assemble the frame in accordance with the drawings as shown in the figure.
3. Install the electrical box on the top of the right rear pole and tighten the screws and insert the seven-pin plug. Install the vacuum gauge on the left rear end and tighten the screws.
4. According to the height of use, fix the round bracket of the kettle to the vertical pole slider, and place the kettle on the bracket. The semi-circular hoop is used to insert the pole of the kettle into the pole of the kettle, and then tighten the fixing screws after closing. Pay attention to the vertical direction of the reactor body during installation.
5. The stir bar is fixed on the toothed ring chuck of the motor main shaft. The stir bar passes through the middle rotating bearing of the cover, tightens the special connector, and then adjusts the position of the motor, paying attention to the vertical concentricity.
6. The slider on the pole is a stainless steel multi-purpose clamp that adjusts the direction and height in different directions.
7. On the left side of the bottle cap, the 40# standard port plug-in type reflux condenser, the right side 40# is the feeding port connected to the constant pressure funnel, the middle front 24# standard port is inserted into the thermometer casing mouth, and the rear of the hat is the 34# standard port. It is a multi-functional spare port, and the bottom is provided with a discharge valve, and the bottom of the kettle body is respectively a circulating fluid inlet and outlet. The lower port is connected to the circulating fluid inlet, and the upper port is connected to the circulating fluid return port.
8. When installing the glass instrument, it must be cleaned, and the interface should be coated with Vaseline to prevent the glass from locking up, and then apply vacuum grease to prevent air leakage.
9. Press the universal wheel wheel fixing device to stir. If the stirring is stable, the debugging is good.