WBFY-205 Microwave Chemical Reactor

  • Place of Origin:, Henan
  • Custom processing:Yes
  • Brand:ZZKD
Microwave Chemical Reactor Product Introduction
The full power output of this microwave chemical reactor equipment can be 650W, which can be set to 10 levels of power. The microwave reactor can obtain 10% -100% power through different switching times (duty cycle). Choose the same power and working time to get the same reaction conditions. The experiment has satisfactory repeatability. Suitable for installation of reflow devices, while ensuring that the microwave end waveguides do not leak.

Features of Lab Microwave Chemical Reactor:

The output of microwave is continuous.
Microwave Power Inverter control. Microcomputer adaptive PID control technology.
With microwave power regulation.
Large-screen LCD display.
Equipped with inert gas adding port, built-in magnetic stirrer.
Stepless adjustment of stirring speed.

Detail of Lab Microwave Chemical Reactor: