Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor

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I.Characteristics and Uses:
The desktop stainless steel autoclave can be used for: gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and other various reaction.The main features of the device are static sealing structure, which can completely solve the leakage problem of stirring,keep the entire medium and mixing parts completely sealed.Therefore, it is more suitable for a variety of flammable, explosive, highly toxic, valuable media and other chemical media with strong penetration.The product integrates stirring,heating and high-pressure reaction. It is a combination of magnetic stirrer and stainless steel high-pressure reactor for reducing the cost of research unit. The equipment is more versatile and reduce costs for user and widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, biochemistry, medical treatment, scientific research and other fields.
Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor
II.Features of the product:
Small size,simple and reliable structure.
LCD displayed srirring speed and temperature,parameter button adjustment,more convenient, more accurate value and more beautiful appearance.
It is equipped with a mini DC motor, pressure gauge, explosion-proof device, intake valve, sampling valve and temperature probe, which can easily realize the micro-reaction test.
The reaction kettle and heater can be quickly separated,the kettle can be quickly cooled.
Temperature and rotational speed are displayed, convenient, quick and controllable
product structure
Stirring method: magnetic stirring, no leakage of shaft seal and its maintenance problems, ensuring no leakage, no exposed rotating parts, and the test is safer.
Stirring motor: High-power motor, powerful and stable performance.
Inlet gas valve: gas inlet needle valve
Sampling valve: It is convenient to sample and analyze the progress during the reaction.
Exhaust valve: It is convenient to vacuum and replace the gas before the reaction, and the reaction ends is used as a vent valve.
Pressure gauge: Real-time monitoring of the reaction temperature in the kettle.
Temperature probe: Deep into the interior of the reaction vessel and monitor the reaction temperature.
Heating unit: module heating, fast heating, precise control, digital display
Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor
Use and precautions
a.The main sealing port of the autoclave adopts the line contact of the gasket or the tapered surface and the circular arc surface. By tightening the main nut, they are pressed against each other to achieve a good sealing effect. When tightening the nut, the angle must be symmetrical several times and tightened gradually. The force should be even. Do not allow the lid to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect. Do not exceed the specified tightening torque 40~120nm range when tightening the main nut to prevent the sealing surface from being crushed or overloaded. The sealing surface should be specially taken care of. Wipe the upper and lower sealing surfaces with a softer paper or cloth before each installation. Pay special attention not to touch the sealing surface of the kettle body and the lid of the kettle. If reasonably operated, it can be used more than 10,000 times. Once the sealing surface is broken, it needs to be reworked to achieve good sealing performance. Lift the lid up and down slowly when removing the lid. It is forbidden to collide with the sealing surfaces between the kettle body and the kettle lid. If the seal type is gasketed (tetrafluoro, aluminum pad, copper, asbestos pad, etc.), a good sealing effect can be achieved by tightening the main nut.
b.The temperature of external heating during work is recommended not to exceed 350℃, the heating rate is ≤ 5℃/min, can be controlled by PID temperature control system, the cooling rate is ≤ 5℃/min. Safety pressure is 22 MPa.
c.The screw is symmetrically pressed after feeding.When the reaction is completed, the kettle body is naturally cooled to room temperature and then open the kettle cover.
d.Do not fill more than 80% in the kettle.
Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor detail
Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor
Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor

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Desktop stainless steel high pressure reactor

Q:What is the sealing method of the benchtop stainless steel high pressure reactor?

A:The valve body and valve cover of the high-pressure reactor are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the valve body is connected to the flange by threads. The lid is a full flat lid and both are tightly connected by a main bolt and nut.